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O.E. Quality exchange remanufactured engines for car, light commercial and heavy commercial vehicles. All engines after total remanufacture are dynamometer tested to ensure they conform to O.E. standards of power, smoke emission and performance. This emphasis on total quality enables us to offer an unlimited mileage /12 month warranty for all manufacturers products supplied by Prestige.

No surcharge will be raised at the time of supply. However, if the old unit is returned with a holed cylinder block, incomplete or is not returned within 28 days, then a surcharge will be raised.

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Remanufacturing Process 

  1. Dismantle & Clean

The old core engine is stripped and all gaskets, oil seals, bearings, pistons & rings are discarded. The major components that are to be used are subjected to thorough cleaning processes that include chemical dip, spray wash, abrasive cleaning and final rinsing to flush all debris.

  1. Inspection of parts

All major components are inspected for wear and discarded where they do not meet specification.

  1. Machining

Major components are machined to O.E drawing specification tolerances. The cylinder blocks are rebored or resleeved and finally honed for the essential cross hatch micro finish. The cylinder block is pressure tested. All gasket joint surfaces are remachined to O.E. tolerances. Cylinder head valve guides are checked, resized or renewed as required. The valve seats are recut to ensure concentricity. The head is pressure tested and the valves vacuum tested. Cylinder head face is surface ground to correct tolerance.
Crankshafts are crack detected and the journals are reground to next undersize and micro-finished to fine tolerances. Camshaft profiles are reground and journals polished where specification permits.
Connecting rods are thoroughly inspected and the small end bushes replaced and re-machined to size (if fitted). Valve faces and stems are remachined, if suitable, otherwise replaced. Oil pumps are stripped and remanufactured as required.

  1. Assembly

Prior to assembly, all components are thoroughly cleaned to ensure that all contamination is completely removed. The engine is reassembled with all new pistons, rings, crankshaft bearings, gaskets, oil seals, timing chain or timing belt and oil filter. All O.E torque settings are adhered to during assembly. After assembly the engine is tested to ensure oil pressure and compressions are to specification, and that no oil and water leaks are present.
The engine is finally painted and packed ready for despatch.


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