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Remanufactured Engines

Quality remanufactured engines and reconditioned engines for car, light commercial and heavy commercial vehicles. All remanufactured engines after total remanufacture are tested to ensure they conform to O.E. standards. This emphasis on total quality enables us to offer an unlimited mileageĀ  / 12 month warranty for both parts and labour for all remanufactured units supplied by Prestige Engine Products.

As long as the old unit is returned within 28 days and does not have a holed cylinder block or incomplete, then no surcharge is applicable.

We remanufacture all of our engines to be built to satisfy and exceed British Safety Standard BS AU 257-2002.

Dismantle & Clean

Major components are machined to O.E drawing specification tolerances.

Remanufacturing Process

All our engines come with full warranties.

Inspection of Parts

All major components are inspected for wear and discarded where they do not meet specification.

All parts fully tested.

All parts and labour are warrantied.


Major components are machined to O.E drawing specification tolerances.

Machining of Parts

All tolerances are tested.


Prior to assembly, all components are thoroughly cleaned to ensure that all contamination is completely removed.

Engine Assembly

We include a full clean and final check on all engines!

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What Our Customer’s Say

Dear Sir, I feel it right to say how pleased I am with the replacement engine you supplied to me in June of this year. You kindly delivered the unit to the LMK Service Centre in Clanfield, Hampshire – supplied with 6 month Warranty. Whilst a month of the warranty period yet remains, some might say I am tempting providence in writing at this stage. However, in view of the mileage the unit has delivered (1,000 miles per month) and the economical fuel consumption, and the professional nature of the service you have delivered, I feel comfortable enough to voice my appreciation and confidence in the service you have provided. Even the above-mentioned Service Centre said the engine went into place with the greatest of ease, ie., no minor adjustments or fiddling about with the engine mounts etc. was necessary. Thank you for that…… the engine clearly was per the requested spec. You may (or may not) have had detractors. Sadly, we live in an age where ‘get it wrong – everyone knows about it … get it right and one’s taken for granted’. I once worked in an organisation where our mantra was “If we’re getting it wrong, tell us (and we’ll fix it) …. if we’re getting it right, tell everybody else”. If you have a ‘Review Page’, I’d be pleased to see you post this valediction there. Thanks again. Kind regards,
Duncan Matthews, Portsmouth
Dear Sirs, just to let you know how pleased I have been with the replacement engine I had from you this time last year fro my Mercedes horsebox. It has done over 70,000 kilometres already and is running beautifully. Incidentally, most of the miles were done running my son all over the country from Berkshire to win the pony racing championship, including Ayr, Kelso, Perth, Musselburgh, Carlisle, Sedgefield etc so it’s not had an easy time! many thanks, and kind regards.
Roger Curtis, Delamere Racing Stables