• Cylinder Head remanufaturing

Cylinder Heads

We supply an extensive range of both petrol and diesel cylinder heads complete with valves and springs ready to fit to the engine unit. Many of our units also come complete with camshafts and followers if the engine has an overhead camshaft design.

All exchange cylinder heads are pressure tested / crack detected to ensure the casting is suitable for remanufacture. Valve guides and valves are replaced and all valve seats and cylinder head faces are machined prior to assembly. Valve seats are vacuum tested to ensure the valve-to-valve seat interface integrity.

All our remanufactured cylinder heads carry a 12 month unlimited mileage warranty.

What is a cylinder head?

In an internal combustion engine, cylinder head (or sometimes referred to as just the“head”) sits above the cylinder on an overhead valve engine. Sealed by the head gasket, it forms the combustion chamber. The head contains passages that feed air and fuel and after ignition/combustion allow the spent gases passage to the exhaust manifold.

Cylinder Heads

Petrol 90
Diesel 95
Complete Units 85
Full Test & Warranty 75

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