Exchange Manual Gearboxes
Remanufactured transmissions are available from Prestige for car; light commercial and heavy commercial vehicles. All units are thoroughly stripped, cleaned and rebuilt with the necessary required components and all oil seals bearings and gaskets are replaced automatically. After remanufacture, the units are tested on a rig to ensure their performance and gear selection capability.

Exchange Automatic Gearboxes

Automatic transmissions are available for a large range of car and light commercial applications. Units are thoroughly remanufactured and torque converters replaced. After remanufacture, the transmission is tested electronically to ensure the transmissions performance and gear change sequence are to O.E. specification.

Differentials and Rear Axles

Each exchange unit is thoroughly inspected, cleaned and major components such as crown, wheel & pinion, differential carrier assessed and replaced as necessary. Bearings and seals are 100% replaced during remanufacture to ensure the unit operates to the original O.E. performance levels.


These units are available for a large range of cars, light commercial and heavy commercial vehicles on a service exchange basis. After remanufacture all propshafts are dynamically balanced to ensure prolonged service life and smoothness during operation.