Turbo Charger

Turbo Chargers, new or remanufactured, provided by Prestige Engine Products are specifically engineered and remanufactured to provide maximum power and fuel economy.  We supply a comprehensive range of quality exchange remanufactured turbo chargers, including Holset, Garrett, Schwitzer, Bong Warner, Mitsubishi, IHI and KKK.

All bearings, seals and O rings are 100% automatically replaced to ensure maximum durability.

The turbine wheel assembly is electronically dynamic balanced to ensure smoothness of operation and durability in service.

Final assembly includes inspection of all clearances to ensure they are within O.E. tolerances.

Our guarantee covers unlimited mileage and a warranty of two years.

Turbo Chargers

Prestige turbo chargers are sold on an exchange basis. After fitting the remanufactured turbo the old unit should be returned to us in the same carton that was used to dispatch the unit to you – which is all part of our recycling philosophy! Just telephone us and we will arrange collection of the old unit.

We are a truly independent supplier of all makes of quality turbo chargers to the UK market.

Some of our brands…

KKK 90
Garrett 95
Holset 85
Schwitzer 75

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